Enjoy while you create stories.

MIXD provides an innovative, community-driven publishing platform.
Get your stories online and gain support from fans and fellow creators.

Publishing is fast, easy and free.

Once you sign up, you can publish right away. We make it pretty straight forward and accessible for all story creators.

No verifications, no gatekeeping, no fuzz. 

MIXD - Fun Reads All The Time
MIXD - Fun Reads All The Time

Monetize while having fun.

Earn money from your passion! Our platform has a points system where you earn Coins from doing certain activities like reading or publishing an episode. Coins can be exchanged for Gems which serves as our digital currency.

Gems are used to unlock premium episodes or can be directly sent by readers and fellow creators. Once a creator earns enough Gems, they can be cashed out as real money! 

Gems can also be purchased in packs at our online shop.

Immortalize your stories.

Books have gone digital, but nothing is better when your story is printed on paper.

MIXD POP is our exclusive print publishing label, POP stands for Printed On Paper and we offer print publishing solutions for story creators.

Choose between Print On Demand or Digital Printing Services, the difference lies in how you will market your printed titles

MIXD - Fun Reads All The Time
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